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Welcome to the online course in diet and nutrition.

There are a number of lessons to follow and it is recommended to follow them in the order presented in the course.

Additional information is added to each lesson, to support the content and to help you understand each subject in more detail.

At the end of each lesson is suggested work and/or research to assist you in the understanding of the lesson and to help you put everything together.

The recommended questionnaires are useful to help you if you decided to continue with the training, and take the international qualification from ITEC.

ITEC diploma requires the following to be completed before taking the online exam.

Create your own questionnaire to conduct consultations. We have included suggested questions and we would recommend that you include the weakest link questions plus additional questions.

5 clients preferably from different age groups and different backgrounds 4 consultations for each client, a minimum of one week apart

Initial in-depth consultation, to be recorded using the weakest link questions from the recommended book and available in the additional information section

Each case study should show what has been discussed and agreed upon for the client each week and the progress of the client, including if they have found the week to be challenging.

A conclusion of the completed case study, how the client benefited from making the dietary changes or not and a reflective report on yourself.

Case studies are then to be emailed or sent by mail to the academy for marking.

The on line exam can be taken in the healing zone academy, if however, you are unable to attend we would be able to discuss places where you could take the online exam, with an invigilator. This would be additional expenses that need to be born by yourself.

We wish you all the best success in taking this course and hope you obtain the information and understanding that you desire and find helpful for yourself, friends and family and clients.

We are available to help and support at all times, through email to info@thehealingzoneacademy.net

Happy learning Anne Cook Principal

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